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The World’s Thinnest And Lightest VR Headset Is So Sleek, You’ll Always Have VR In Your Pocket

With electronic products, we know the adjective ‘bulky’ doesn’t stick for long. Computers have slimmed down to palmtops; telephones have become slender smartphones; ovens have started using microwaves and undergone

Experience Dementia With Virtual Reality

Experiences are crucial in shaping our lives. We take inspiration from our everyday adventures. Some may argue that every incident that we go through, be it good or bad, is

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Must Haves in Every VR lover’s Smartphone

If you are a VR lover, you cannot afford to miss this blogpost because here we are going to talk about the three indispensable features that you need to check

How to Enjoy Cinema-like Experience Anytime & Anywhere?

 Do you know you can have a PVR cinema of your own and that too literally anytime and anywhere? Yes, that’s one of the many exciting ways you can use your