Recently at Google I/O 2017, Google announced its big plans to flourish VR and AR landscape and it’s surely not ignoring its largest selling point in for mobile VR is YouTube. 

YouTube is the largest stock of 360-degree videos online and one of the most preferred places to discover new content. To give a much-needed kick to the 360-degree videos, it has announced a new project of bringing heat map analytics for 360-degree video producers to gauge where their viewers are paying attention at any given time, to understand audience behavior better.



 YouTube had some interesting heat map insights to offer:

Most interestingly, people spend 75% of their time in 360-degree videos looking at the 90-degree slice that’s in front of them.

So, while the medium has been pitched for discovering the world around, the analytics advise otherwise. It suggests sticking what’s important right in front of viewers or at least using onscreen cues to direct attention to other areas of the screen.

 The costliness and nascent VR market limit the growth of 360-degree popularity among various fields, advertising, real estate, education, however 360º HeatMap will definitely push it. As more VR headsets integrate eye-tracking, something Google has show interest in through its Eyefluence acquisition, insights are only going to get more exact.In addition to the analytics updates, YouTube also announced that it’s opening applications today for its recently announced VR Creator Lab, which will give enterprising VR video creators a 3-month program in LA and $30k-$40k to help them produce more top notch immersive 360 content.


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