VR for many still wears a cloak of secrecy and that has bred many misgivings and misconceptions.

As VR enthusiasts ourselves, it has fallen upon us to clear the clouds and let the bright future sun shine gloriously upon us. 

Let’s begin.

MYTH 1: VR is Gaming Only

vr games

FACT: VR is for everything you can think of.

Infact the boundaries of VR limits with your imagination. Interior Designing, Architecture, Media, Education, Personnel Training, Healthcare, Shopping, Marketing, Travel… you name it and you can use it there. 

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MYTH 2: VR is Recent Development


FACT: VR has been around for atleast a century now.

Traces of VR has been dated back to 1800’s even. Though the manifest occurrence is found in 1962 with Sensorama created by Ivan Sutherland. It was known as ‘Sword of Damocles’. VR has been an elitist classified technology used in those days for defence personnel and astronauts training.


MYTH 3: It is too expensive and unaffordable


FACT: VR headsets cost as less as $3 and that can do down to absolutely nothing.

Google in 2014 ripped away the elitist tag attached with VR by creating Google Cardboard that could be made out of pizza box. It made DIY cardboard VR headset the favorite pastime of children since. Today, high-end headsets costs more than $1000 and as low as $15 (with all the features of high-end headsets). 


MYTH 4: VR is Epheremal


FACT: VR is futuristic technology that is gradually redefining the world.

With the world techno-czars investing their time, energy and resources, VR is already making waves all over. The above graphic clearly shows the future of VR in 2017 itself and from this we can well estimate the future.


MYTH 5: 360 degree is same as VR

vr 360

FACT: Immersion is the key deciding factor that differentiates VR from 360 degree technology.


MYTH 6: Virtual Reality is No Different from Augmented Reality


FACT: The two are entirely different.

Virtual Reality SIMULATES or REPLICATES the environment to create a world digitally and IMMERSION is the holy key to experience it. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is PROJECTION & SUPERIMPOSITION of 3D virtual objects on your real world view and we perceive the augmented or supplemented view as one complete whole

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