The major setback that virtual reality has yet to overcome is accessibility. One can surely argue that the availability of VR headsets is not ignorable. But, gadgets aren’t very trendy when they come at a cost. Besides, who’d want to buy another device to top off their expensive smartphone, laptop and tablets which has only one purpose to serve for them – entertainment?

Well, if you thought nobody was listening to this grievance, think again. At WWDC 2017, that is, Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Apple decided to show off an intriguing feature in their upcoming iPhone 8. They used an iPad (which is also getting endowed with new features) to show an augmented reality suite where virtual cups of coffee can be placed on real tables.

Now, the iPad showed surprising compatibility with the feature, but can the iPhone show the same amount of competency? There have been rumours that suggest that Apple is working on hardware that comes with iPhone 8 that is made specially to support this feature. At WWDC, they hinted at the developers to coin the software for it. More about that later.

Let’s see how Apple plans to make AR omnipresent.

iPhones Galore Lets Everyone Explore

iPhone 8 is set to be accompanied by iOS 11 which includes the software for using AR with iPhone models. Also, other iPhones are upgradable and hence can get iOS 11 for themselves. iPhone 8 is set to be the best-selling smartphone of the year it gets released.

Moreover, since Apple has been, albeit, a little backward till now in its VR and AR game, Craig Federghi, the Senior Vice President of software engineering at Apple, suggests that it’ll be the largest platform for AR and will attract AR developers from around the world. It is also expected that other AR projects will be crushed on the release of iPhone 8 and iOS 11, making Apple the forefront runner in this race.

ARKit For The Win!

The software developers have been handed the developer’s framework called the ARKit at WWDC this year. This means the coding workforce is now hard at work in securing the best quality AR for iOS 11. iPhone 8’s supposed release in November this year enables software engineers to make AR apps that are available on the very first day of release.
Apple analyst Gene Munster implies that users can find items in the store by simply looking down an aisle through their phone. Isn’t that exciting?

Education, Apple And AR

The education world has always coveted AR. And it has plenty of reasons to do so as well. The Microsoft HoloLens has showed its potential with letting people have a better grasp on anatomy. Meanwhile, museums have benefitted from the fact that the exhibits become interactive and surreal with the use of AR (not to mention the huge crowd flow!).

Apple has also tried to make its mark on the education world. Alongwith its iBooks and iTunes U, it has also tried to pave way for iPads in classrooms. With AR by its side, imagine what education will look like in a few years!

Other than the fact that iPhone 8 is being made keeping in mind AR specifically (they have put a chip just for AR and a vertical dual-camera when held in landscape mode enables AR), we know when Apple hits the ground with AR, there’s no stopping it. Make way for the future!



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