A. R. Rahman doesn’t need an introduction and non-clichéd words are a scarcity when it comes to describing him.

Rahman is no stranger to technology. From the day Mani Ratnam visited him at his studio for the first time way back in the early 90’s to today he has had as much a love affair with technology as he has had with music.

A. R. Rahman

Technology has helped Rahman to create unheard tunes that has enthralled us for 25 years and counting. Now technology, VR in particular has inspired the genius to try his hand at direction!.

You heard me right, Rahman is making his directorial debut with “Le Musk” which is set to be the world’s first “multi-sensory” movie. He said  “The (VR) technology is evolving and everybody is doing experimental stuff with it. I found the technology exciting and I had a story. I felt that my story would come out beautifully in this technology”.

Movie Poster for “Le Musk”

The film will be about the journey of a orphaned heiress and musician. Big names of the international film industry are  a part of this film. The film is adding a fourth factor of smell by dispensing perfumes into the cinema.

These are his words at the prelude to the launch of the movie. “I had the right partners for the film, including Grace Boyle of Feelies, who is helping with the set design by providing the element of smell, and Intel helping with the technology and also the Voyager (VR) chair; for the cameras I have tied up with Radiant Images of LA. Everything came together, but it was the emotional aspect behind the story that kept me charged up and gave me the energy“.

He went to LA to attend the CES 2016 and amazed the audience with his virtual concert using intel curie technology. He also is the proud owner of a supercomputer for his musical processing. That machine which runs at 4.3GHz with 128GB of RAM!! along with 6TB of storage space. It can have the most daunting software’s for lunch and still have space for more.

So Whenever his name is being associated with a film, rest assured that you will be having a musical feast. I just can’t wait to see what this calm genius can come-up with when coupled with cutting edge technology.

Let’s hope it will be as good as he has always been!.


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