Virtual Reality may no longer be that scarce an experience, that’s available at certain places, for certain durations, at certain costs! The next time you step into an automobile showroom, chances are that you get to experience virtual reality for free! Especially if it’s an Audi showroom.

In what can be termed as a fairly bold move, German automobile giant Audi has begun introducing virtual reality systems in its showrooms across Europe. This is to help boost the customers’ confidence while choosing the right model and specifications by providing them real-life experiences, in virtual space.

With the automobile industry getting increasingly personalized and customer-oriented, dozens of choices have emerged in terms of exterior paint finish, interior surfaces, seat leather, stitching, and even the alloy wheel styles. Provided the permutations and combinations that may come up, only a few with a strong sense of style and some vivid imaginative prowess can specify their new car with material swatches and color charts. Rest end up messing it all, only to repent later on.

Some car manufacturers like Ford and McLaren have in recent times launched platforms that allow the potential customers experiment with the specifications, and build a virtual car online. However, with Audi’s just-launched VR system, you can actually look around the car, sit inside it, and even peep under the hood! Interesting, isn’t it?
With this breakthrough, Audi has become the first company to integrate VR experience into its dealership network.
“It offers our customers more information and certainty when making their purchasing decision, as well as a special excitement factor,” said Nils Wollny, the head of digital business strategy and customer experience at Audi. “With this, we are taking the next step in our strategy to combine digital innovation with the strengths of the bricks-and-mortar dealership.” Certainly, the benefit of this ‘first’ is going to give Audi an edge over other big players in the automobile sector.Parallelly, many other carmakers have also realized the potential of VR as a marketing tool, and the role that it can play in boosting the confidence of the potential customers, which may eventually convert to a rise in sales. That’s the reason why established players like BMW and Volvo are now embracing the technology in various capacities.

Audi’s VR system is so detailed that customers will be able to have a hands-on experience on the car’s virtual switchgear. The system as of now works with an Oculus Rift headset.
Source: News18

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