The World’s Thinnest And Lightest VR Headset Is So Sleek, You’ll Always Have VR In Your Pocket

With electronic products, we know the adjective ‘bulky’ doesn’t stick for long. Computers have slimmed down to palmtops; telephones have become slender smartphones; ovens have started using microwaves and undergone a serious cut down in installation space and virtual reality? Well, they still have the reliable headsets to be used.

Experience Dementia With Virtual Reality

Experiences are crucial in shaping our lives. We take inspiration from our everyday adventures. Some may argue that every incident that we go through, be it good or bad, is a memorable one that we should treasure. After all, we do learn from our mistakes. But, what about sickness? Diseases fall

Heard About Merxius and Its RED? Know the Founders & Their Creations That Are Taking India by Storm

In a country trying to execute the “internet for all” plan, it may come as a surprise when people talk of virtual and augmented reality. Even after we’ve become the leading member of SAARC, our world image seems to be that of a nation full of dancing people wearing gaudy

An Apple Device A Day Allows AR To Stay

The major setback that virtual reality has yet to overcome is accessibility. One can surely argue that the availability of VR headsets is not ignorable. But, gadgets aren’t very trendy when they come at a cost. Besides, who’d want to buy another device to top off their expensive smartphone, laptop

Now You’ve Super Interesting VR Reason To Visit Bars In Seattle

What do you think of when you hear the words “virtual reality”? Mostly games and stuff, right? But avid worshipers of virtual reality admire the fact that it can be associated with so much more. Virtual reality has found its place not only in the heart of every video gaming enthusiast

Check Out How VR Has Crept Into Recruitment Process

Recruitment season is always a hectic one. However, the process of hiring is always a stagnant. Every job aspirant is subjected to the same assessments which can supposedly analyze the candidate. Most will not deny the fact that job interviews get quite dull after you’ve given many (daunting, yet boring). The