VR Enthralled All at Jio MAMI Film Festival

  The past weekend had literally been a heavenly feast for all the VR enthusiasts in the country. Who could have thought that an Indian Film Festival could push its own boundaries and accommodate the VR films and documentaries within itself, reserving two whole days for it? Well, it did happen! DAY 1

Get Ready for India’s Biggest VR Film Festival

  A feast for all the VR enthusiasts is being prepared at the sterling land where dreams are said to turn to reality - Amchi Mumbai!  India's biggest VR Film Festival #VRatMAMI is going to be held as part of the celebrated Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. The two day event, October

Daydream is Finally Here

When it comes to Google, you are bound to expect the unexpected. Earlier this year in it’s I/O conference, Google announced the launch of Android’s own platform for VR apps named Daydream. As committed, VR’s software development kit (SDK) version 1.0 is finally out (no longer in beta mode) and available

VR in India: Media & Entertainment

  The scope of Virtual Reality (VR) in Indian entertainment industry is endless. Be it gaming, films, advertising, marketing, or any other field, VR has the potential to rewrite the rules of the industry. As we read in VR in India: Real Estate, Architects & Interior Designers Indians using the immersive cutting-edge technology

VR in India: Real Estate, Architects & Interior Designers

VR is no longer a foreign technology for us. We, Indians, have learnt it, grasped it and imbibed it within ourselves. We are no longer its passive recipients, but we are making incredible innovations that are changing the landscape for the technology to grow and flourish. Indian technocrats are producing

What Happens When Fashion Meets VR technology?

Let’s talk fashion today. Oh, don’t turn away. Fashion industry has become the next one to get hooked with Virtual Reality(VR) technology. Fashionistas, IMAGINE! You are occupying the best view spot in a fashion show. You skip the insane madness at the entry points and straight away jump to the best part