VR Comes to Rescue in Medical Treatment; Proves to be a Better Sedative

vr health care

Virtual Reality has once again its worth beyond gaming and entertainment. Medical practitioners have resorted to VR when treating their patients. In many cases, it has replaced sedatives.  One heartening case happened in Stanford where a 10-year-old was comforted by VR when changing his dressings instead of giving him sedatives.  How it

‘BBC Earth: Life in VR’ Opens Gates to World Beneath Sea Waves In Immersive Way


BBC has launched an educational app, dedicated to enable users learn about natural world and that too in an immersive way. The app, 'BBC Earth: Life in VR' is launched in collaboration with Google, and users can travel into the unseen world using the Google Daydream View headset. The app is

Walmart To Go VR Way To Spruce Up Shopping

walmart VR

Who doesn't love to shop? When you have such amazing hi-tech guiding your shopping, making it more fun and exciting, who would not shop? Walmart has picked Virtual Reality (VR) to make shopping fascinating.  Media reports say that Walmart has acquired the VR startup, Spatialand. The retail giant is cashing in the

Google Daydream to Receive Upgradation. New Features To Be Added


Virtual Reality (VR) has a huge potential to redefine the world as we know it. It can be one revolutionary technology with far reaching impact on every field of human action. However, the technology is still in its infancy and laden with many problems.  Google, the search engine giant, that made

Is 2018 Going to Be the Defining Year For Virtual Reality? Let’s Explore

VR 2018

2014, Google gave an elite technology to the world just like giving a pastime to kill the time - Google Cardboard. Make your own Virtual Reality (VR) headset out of the pizza box. The world was gripped and VR saw its fan following becoming more diversified. From hi-end use in

AR & VR Outshines All At Cannes Lions Festival

We all have heard about Cannes, for the glitz and glamour it invites from all over the world making it one of the most star-studded film festival in the world. But, there's another Cannes festival, Cannes Lions festival, which celebrates the best in the advertising world. Here, this year AR and