VR Is Cutting-off Domains. Now Jewellers Use It To Boost Sales!


A few years ago, when Virtual Reality just stepped into the Indian scenario, who would have imagined it making inroads into every possible market and every possible industry. After having taken the retail sector in the automobile, electronics and home decor industries by storm, the next in turn for VR

Want to Explore Mars? All you need is this Virtual Reality Headset!


The two companies released a free, virtual space exploration program called “Access Mars” recently. It virtually transports users, wherever they are, to Earth’s neighboring planet in the solar system. Users can do so on a computer, phone or a virtual reality headset. The technology simulates walking on the red planet and gives

This Virtual Reality App Will Let You Peek Inside Your Own Body!

When it comes to VR experiences, what can be more exciting than peeking inside your own body? Imagine looking at your heart beating, and your lungs throbbing! If you think that all of this is still a far-fetched dream, let us tell you that it has already been made possible! Brighton-based startup, Curiscope,

Audi Introduces VR Systems in its Showrooms. Gear up!

Virtual Reality may no longer be that scarce an experience, that's available at certain places, for certain durations, at certain costs! The next time you step into an automobile showroom, chances are that you get to experience virtual reality for free! Especially if it's an Audi showroom. In what can be

Coming Soon: VR to Help Prevent Railway Accidents

It is a widely discussed fact in India that any major technological advancement or a breakthrough is carried out by private entities. In the case of virtual reality as well, it holds true that the private sector is spearheading the spread and growth, but an encouraging fact is that now the

Medical Miracle Saves Lives of Lives of Conjoined Twins Using VR

Ever since the inception of the modern medicine, it has undergone a number of transformative developments. Over the years, doctors across the world have grown accustomed to examining X-rays as the best available road map to the inside of the human body. It is somewhat like looking at a 2-D

Learning To Make Coffee Through VR : Google’s Latest Experiment

Simulation makes learning easier, and more efficient. Moreover, experiential learning is long lasting. But how far can we think when it comes to simulated, experiential learning methods. there's not much. But that's the present. Things may change soon, and VR is going to change them! In its latest experiment with Virtual