BBC has launched an educational app, dedicated to enable users learn about natural world and that too in an immersive way. The app, ‘BBC Earth: Life in VR’ is launched in collaboration with Google, and users can travel into the unseen world using the Google Daydream View headset. The app is now available to download directly from the Google Play online store.

The app offers exciting ways to learn about the California coastline and the world that lives beneath the waves. The virtual reality application allows users to meet the “furriest animals on the planet, experience life at microscopic scale and dive into the Deep Ocean with giants.

BAFTA-winning videogame studio Preloaded had made the app in collaboration with BBC Earth Productions and BBC Studio’s VR team. 

Check out the promotional video below to learn more about what you can expect from the new BBC Earth VR Android application.

Some of the features of the Earth VR application includes:

  1. The ability to dive with sea otters as they forage for food to sustain them and their families,
  2. Travel through swathes of giant kelp to learn about the vital role kelp forests play in the health of our oceans,
  3. Shrink to microscopic levels to discover how zooplankton are key building blocks of the ocean and witnessing the diurnal vertical migration of Humboldt squid

The app may be available on other platforms besides Android and Daydream in near future.

But for now if you have an Android smartphone or the Daydream View VR headset jump over to the Google Play store where you can witness “creature behaviours and relationships in the ocean’s rich and diverse ecosystems”.

Source: BBC

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