Heard About Merxius and Its RED? Know the Founders & Their Creations That Are Taking India by Storm

In a country trying to execute the “internet for all” plan, it may come as a surprise when people talk of virtual and augmented reality. Even after we’ve become the leading member of SAARC, our world image seems to be that of a nation full of dancing people wearing gaudy

Check Out How VR Has Crept Into Recruitment Process

Recruitment season is always a hectic one. However, the process of hiring is always a stagnant. Every job aspirant is subjected to the same assessments which can supposedly analyze the candidate. Most will not deny the fact that job interviews get quite dull after you’ve given many (daunting, yet boring). The

A Sneak Peak: Virtual Reality As the Future of Shopping

It's not very long ago when online shopping and e-commerce stepped into the Indian scenario and took it by storm. Today, as I write this post, more than 100 million Indian consumers have already had an online shopping experience. It's evident that the consumers in India have gradually comforted themselves

NASA VR Lab| How VR and AR Are Helping Us Reaching The Stars Well-trained

Virtual reality, VR is very much real now. Look around and you'll find it working or slowly spreading itself to every avenue or fields. Be it architecture, real estate, media, marketing, education, personnel training you'll find news on how VR and AR are redefining the contours of every vertical. Space science