Recruitment season is always a hectic one. However, the process of hiring is always a stagnant. Every job aspirant is subjected to the same assessments which can supposedly analyze the candidate.

Most will not deny the fact that job interviews get quite dull after you’ve given many (daunting, yet boring). The initial nervousness turns to mild distress when you’re being interviewed for the 7th time. By then, you’ve probably started to predict the first question the interviewer will ask by the look of his or her shoes!

What most employers have forgotten is innovation. Why do we say most? Well, because there are 5 companies who have taken on the challenge of refurbishing the hiring process with virtual reality.

1. Jaguar

This super-car company has joined hands with the most renowned virtual band, Gorillaz Inc. to introduce mixed reality (AR and VR) into the recruitment procedure. The varied games present on the app (available for free on iTunes and Google Play) developed for this task is confined for recruitment of software and electronics engineers.
The games are reportedly efficient in testing lateral thinking and problem solving skills, persistence and curiosity. The advantages of such a reform are firstly, employees need to be impressed by the company is fulfilled and also people who can solve code-breaking games get to skip a few steps of the recruitment drive.


This American e-commerce company feels that people don’t need to visit their office to understand the work atmosphere. So, they had Helios Interactive develop a VR setup based on meeting with the CEO Mark Lore, company happy hour, other games and much more. This method was implemented since 2015 because they wanted to take on Amazon. Way on,, way on!

3. Deutsche Bahn

Most employees of this German logistics and mobility company had reached retirement age. So, in 2015, Deutsche Bahn realized that the way to attract worthy, interested and fresh candidates was to attract them with VR at career fairs that gives them a first-hand experience at difficult tasks of a train conductor or electrician. This gave them the edge and they started receiving 5 to 10 percent more job applications, however, many were intimidated by what the job entails. But, somehow, this played to their advantage because it saved them the money and time on people who would realize they didn’t prefer the job after they joined.

4. The British Army

Who would imagine that warfare required VR too? The British, quite correctly, evaluated that VR would give them a much preferred boost in applications (a whopping 66% rise!). The A Sumsung Gear VR headset allowed the candidates to experience mountaineering, parachuting, combat training and driving a tank, virtually.

5. Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

The largest bank of Australia, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia believes that using an Oculus Rift to let candidates have a total immersive experience. This would have various games that test the user’s ability to make quick and sensible decisions and also gives them a taste of the kind of projects that the employees are required o handle.

Companies don’t need to buy hi-tech devices that cost a fortune to apply VR to their recruitment process. Nowadays, economical cardboard VR devices are available that need to be attached to an iPhone to plunge into VR!

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