We are blessed to be in an age when continual improvement in technology is challenging the way we see and make sense of the world around us. The world of photography is undergoing a revolutionary change. From 2D images, now we can reproduce them in 3D and travel back in back when we shot them. Ricoh Theta S and LG 360 cam are harbingers of such life-altering technology. And the great news is these cameras are available in India now. 

The technology can now be expected to break the monopoly of big corporate houses that lure their customers with the cutting edge technology. It is going to trickle down to all the small businesses in the country and give them a much needed push, especially the startups. Be it construction business or medical profession, tourism or media, 360° images and videos will help them in reaching the customers as there will be a better perspective to see and believe. Already, many startups in India are producing 360° content, for instance Transcend, OoBI, Meraki, Imaginate. Expect more to come with 360° cameras being readily available.

Ricoh Theta S and LG 360 cam have emerged as two favourites for their quality and affordability. Let’s make them fight head on to see which one is the ultimate winner.





LG 360 Cam

Ricoh Theta S


Dual 13MP

Dual 12MP CMOS Sensor
– effective output 14.5MP




Field of View


2x 190°

Video Format

2K Video Support


Internal Storage



microSD Card Slot

Yes – up to 2TB








Audio Support

5.1ch Audio Recording



9-Axis Sensor



30x97x25mm @ 72g

44 x130x22.9 @ 125g


1,200 mAh


Physical Connection


micro USB port (USB 2.0) + HDMI Type D 1.4

Tripod/Monopod mount

Standard 1/4″-20

Standard 1/4″-20

IPXX Rating




LG 360 CAM Manager

Richoh Theta S



USER FRIENDLINESS: Clicking Photos or Shooting Videos

       Ricoh Theta S

              LG 360 Cam

  • You just need to tap on/off button and it’s ready to click/shoot. If you are choosing the still camera mode, make sure the camera icon is lit on its face and press the button on its face once. And, if you want shoot a video, toggle the button on its side to video mode (and the video camera is lit on the face of it) press the button to turn it on and press again to stop the video.


  • Ricoh Theta S also gives you an option to use the camera remotely too (for instance using a tripod or a selfie stick). For this, make sure the wireless lamp is flashing and connect it to your smartphone via the Ricoh Theta app. Choose still image or video, the choice is yours and click.


  • The camera just has the on/off button and click button on its body, rest everything is to be handled by the app in your smartphone. The app connects immediately to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then connect through Wi-Fi. The best part is that you have endless options to choose how you want your image/video to be. Choose single or both lenses, pick any scene mode available in auto mode like night, indoor, landscape and sports. You can also play around with the shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and white balance.
  • Insert the SD card and quick tap for still image and press the button for more than a second for video (the green blinking light indicates the activated video mode). However, if done remotely, use your smartphone.



USER FRIENDLINESS: Sharing on Social Media

Ricoh Theta S


LG 360 Cam

  • Viewing and sharing the 360 degree images and videos are relatively easier with Ricoh Theta S. Simply, open the app in your smartphone, select the image(s), the orientation and share on your social media.
  • If you want to share it directly with your friend, he/she must have the Ricoh Theta S app too.


  • It feels that LG 360 cam only took care of the clicking part. Viewing and sharing, LG seems to have ignored for a while.
  • To view your shots, you first need to download them to your phone gallery.
  • Sharing on social media is a lot trickier here. Facebook and Google Street View do not recognize them as 360 degree. You need a third party platform to share as doing directly from phone only ruins the image.
  • Fortunately, videos are easier to share. You can do it directly from your smartphone (desktop is tedious here). Facebook and Youtube will accept them as 360 degree.




Ricoh Theta S is definitely a lot easier to handle and use than LG 360 cam, especially when it comes to viewing and sharing part. Even the image and video quality is lot better than LG 360 cam’s. However, we still cannot outrightly pronounce LG 360 cam a loser either, afterall if not ranked one on our parameters, it is still far better than other 360 degree cameras in the market.

Let’s make things simpler. If you want to go for a budget shopping and you think you are techie enough to handle LG 360 cam, go for it. And, all those who prefer comfort and easy handling in their cameras, pick Ricoh Theta S.

Buy your LG 360 cam from AuraVR or Amazon  & grab your Ricoh Theta S from AuraVR or Amazon.

 If you think 360 degree photography is just a fad, then you are definitely mistaken. The way it is redefining the contours of architecture, tourism, medical science, education clearly proves that the technology has laid a firm foundation to widen the horizons of human perception.

 Choose any of the two, but do pick one. You literally cannot afford to lag behind in this fast changing world of technology.

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Image Credits: Google Images

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