Dreading a visit to the dentist’s isn’t uncommon. The needles, probes and all other such fancy instruments can be pretty daunting. So, instead we sought to test our endurance of pain; because what’s easier is to make an inviting niche for bacteria than getting a tooth pulled.

However, if you gather the courage and come to terms with visiting a dentist, there’s always a time when your dentist has to whisper words of assurance to calm you down before carrying out the procedure. This, of course, is no picnic for either parties and so, the researchers in the UK tested out the use of virtual reality.
How Did They Confirm VR’s Effectiveness?

Researches carried out a survey with 80 people who were divided into 3 groups. Apart from the third group, everyone received a thrilling VR experience. The VR headsets allowed the unnerved patients to explore pleasant scenery while the dentists were hard at work.

After the appointment and also a week later, the patients were questioned. They reported having less stress and post-procedure pain!

What’s The Future for VR in the Dentist’s Office?

Well, that’s tough to say. Unlike backyard science, many more studies need to be conducted to make this a regular. Although, delving into landscapes do sound like a better alternative to watching the dentist peer into your mouth and dig it with their tools.

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

• A better experience than usual (physically and aesthetically).
• Aftermath is relatively soothing.

• Two patients among the group did feel hot and dizzy, and were asked to remove the VR headsets.
• Not recommended for claustrophobic patients.

As the disadvantages are a little too localized to some people because of which, let’s not get disheartened. An array of scenes to choose from if any dentist implemented the use of VR should be on the way.

So, here is a list of visuals one may be able to choose from in the near future:

1. Snowy White: Take a glance at the frigid mountain tops covered in white and forget all about what’s going in your mouth.

2. Sea-Deep: Plunge into the deep waters and get curious about the creatures under the sea. You might even find a wrecked ship that is wont of pirates!

3. Metropolitan: Cities with their hustle and bustle have attracted many people from around the world; you’re bound to fall for its skyscrapers, landmarks and most of all, the shopping destinations.

4. Beach: Where people build sandcastles that get washed away. But before writing the beach off, take a note of the fact that people who explored the beaches in the study experienced the least amount of pain!

5. The Universe: The planetarium might be nearer than you think! Gaze at the stars and learn the names of the constellations. Going to the dentist’s can be educating in the most unexpected way!

Now that you know dentistry and VR can mingle, would you like to indulge yourself with the combination? Or are you more conservative and would endure pain rather than gain?


Source: DM Today

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