Virtual reality is more popularly understood in gaming context. Though VR has its groundbreaking presence there but, there are other unusual industries like health, business, engineering, military and education where VR is spreading its wing.

Recognizing the potential of VR technology HTC is envisioning virtual reality to use in space.
The company has announced its VR impact program, last year which was an initiative welcoming innovative ideas to make use of technology in the more efficient way.

The zest of the program is to create the most powerful experience to transform the world and open the platform of opportunity to develop the idea and bring it into existence through supporting and funding.

HTC has recently unveiled its winner of the first round and the funding recipient of its VR for impact program. The Recipient of the funding is Space VR that got funded $ 10 million dollars by HTC and supports United Nation sustainable goals.

What is Space VR?

As clearly understood by the name itself, Space VR is a VR platform that allows the user to experience space through VR. The Space VR aims to act as a powerful tool contributing towards raising awareness for the 17 UN sustainable goals, with the unique vision of helping the planet.

Assumptions are through ‘Space VR’ viewers will be able to explore outer space from a satellite’s point of view, and once it will enter the orbit, VR Satellite will be used to stream footage that can be watched in full VR or as 360- degree video.

The company funded in the year 2015 and will be launching its VR satellite into space later this year.

Other than Space VR, Extraordinary Honey bee and tree are the projects that have won the first round of VR Impact program.

TREE: The tree is a haptic-enhanced VR experience that will study the life and future of a rainforest tree, featuring the widespread pattern of deforestation and its impacts on the environment.

Extraordinary Honey Bee: It will investigate the honeybee population which is depleting at an alarming rate.

These movies have been produced to make people aware of these rising problems and explaining its importance to the mankind and will be available through HTC’s Vive port store for the Vive once they are complete.

VR has already taken a magic leap by entering into the space sector. And the initiation by HTC in VR can be seen as big hope to resolve the biggest underlying challenges that we are facing today.
We can conclude VR is the future.





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