Facebook ventured into VR with the acquisition of Oculus Rift and since then it has invested insane amount of money to make VR a success. Every problem in VR mass revolution boils down to expensive headsets and lack of VR content. 

Well, on second front, Facebook has come up with a solution that is a step forward than others floating in the market. It is going to develop a 360 degree camera, Called X24 and X6  (the numbers refer to the quantity of individual cameras in each model). 

What sets it apart from others is its ability to shoot live-action footage that lets you move around in about a meter and a half of space in virtual reality.

Most current virtual-reality cameras, including Google’s new Jump model, don’t give filmmakers that option, though you can turn your head around to explore a spherical video or photo. A VR headset will be required so as to track your position in space and the rotation of your head, though, to really take advantage of the footage.

The company plans to get them into production later this year.

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