When it comes to Google, you are bound to expect the unexpected.

Earlier this year in it’s I/O conference, Google announced the launch of Android’s own platform for VR apps named Daydream. As committed, VR’s software development kit (SDK) version 1.0 is finally out (no longer in beta mode) and available for developers to download to venture out and explore the limitless possibilities.

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Google has collaborated with the two most successful game engines, Unreal and Unity, to use its tools to be handed out to the developers. The logic behind partnering with the two is that the two being popular amongst developers will attract more minds to the project.

The developers will need to apply for the Daydream Access Program, with this Google itself wants to make sure only good content gets floated on the platform. Content created with the Daydream platform will work across all Daydream-ready phones and headsets. So far, the only smartphone that’s known to have the capacity to handle the new SDK is Google’s own Nexus 6P.

Interested developers can now readily access full documentation, read tutorials, see reference sample apps, and utilize added support for critical features like that of deep linking and head tracking here.

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