Virtual Reality (VR) has a huge potential to redefine the world as we know it. It can be one revolutionary technology with far reaching impact on every field of human action. However, the technology is still in its infancy and laden with many problems. 

Google, the search engine giant, that made VR its mass appeal with its Google Cardboard, announced the launch of its upcoming Daydream, a smartphone-based VR headset. 

Recently, Google has improved and upgraded its known design. 

  • The upgraded Daydream View VR headset now has an enhanced fabric design.
  • It has extended smartphone support
  • A controller that is bluetooth-enabled. It doubles up as a remote to navigate around the Daydream’s interface, interact with apps and play games.
  • Making it more user-friendly, the VR headset has a new head band, adjustable and light-weight. It even can be worn with a cap on. 

Rest of the features remain same as of now viz. pairing with a smartphone using NFC, open the front cover with a banded case to place the smartphone in, bluetooth enabled remote controller. Once caliberated of the view, there’s long list of apps which are compatible with the headset. 

As of now, the number of apps available for Daydream view are limited but the most popular ones like
Once all the pairing and connecting is done and the VR headset is mounted, the remote controller asks for recalibration of the view through long-pressing of the app key in the desired direction.

After being calibrated, the VR headset shows a list of apps compatible with the headset like games, videos, TV shows can be enjoyed in VR. Even YouTube VR is also available. The highly popular Street View app, that allows virtual tours of famous locations around the world, is also compatible with Daydream View. 

Source: Business Standard

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