Google’s I/O conference just concluded and there were a plethora of announcements. What was left with us was the fact that this is a company that is fearless. It will continue to innovate no matter what. Also the vastness of this net that Google has put over the entire tech industry is hard to miss.  It virtually has everything under one roof. Mobile, Cloud, ChromeBooks, TV, IoT, ISP, it has everything. This kind of gives them access to private information of practically half the population of the world.

Project Tango

This represents Google’s bold step into the world of augmented reality. For a first attempt it has done a commendable job. In these early stages Tango can map the space around you in 3-D and then send and render it on your smartphone. It takes a leaf out of MS’s scrapbook by enabling Tango to place virtual objects on top of real ones. Like HoloLens this has the potential to change our lives but we will have to wait and see. The technology is in its diapers and needs a lot of polish to be anything mainstream. Google however, has a distinct advantage above everyone else and that is apps. The sheer number of apps that will be usable with this tech when it comes out will be huge. That in itself has the potential to make this a very tough contender in the AR space.

Daydream support for Galaxy S8

Google announced that Daydream support is coming to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ this summer. Daydream is Google’s VR platform that uses smartphones as the display for the headsets. Currently, only four phones support including Google’s own Pixel range of flagships.

Standalone VR headsets for Daydream VR

Till now Daydream headsets were only usable with a Daydream supported smartphone acting as a display. At I/O they revealed that Standalone VR headsets are coming to Daydream in late 2017. These are touted to be completely untethered unlike current ones. They are partnering with companies like Lenovo and HTC to make this an even more attractive deal. These Standalone headsets will feature an all new tracking system. Google is introducing a completely new tracking system for Daydream VR named World Sense. This new system provides users with 6 Degree of Freedom using inside out tracking. This enables the users to move freely and naturally while interacting with virtual objects. It uses a wide range of sensors inside the headset to track your presence for much improved tracking. The system was demoed using a gaming perspective and you can watch it here:

Google is making steady improvements to their VR platform. World Sense will bring really immersive tracking to mobile VR headsets. The partnerships with current industry leaders HTC Vive will only increase its appeal to the masses. There will be more amazing stuff coming out of Mountain View soon, while I am happy for that, one question still lingers around. How much of you should be exposed to these companies, no mater how much “dedicated to privacy” they proclaim to be. At the end of the day this is information about you that can be used by geniuses and crack-heads alike. As with every paradigm shift that makes our lives ridiculously easy, Only time will tell how much of this intrusion will the public tolerate.

I will be around to witness it and so will all of you, Let’s vote for a better tomorrow.

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