Google has been working hard to fix the major problem that VR faces in mass adoption of the nascent technology – lack of VR content. 

Google has launched new 360 degree high-end camera system called Halo. The camera has been made with the Chinese camera company Yi

Earlier, it launched a 360 degree camera called Odyssey, with GoPro for its Jump VR platform

“Jump is Google’s professional VR video solution. Jump makes 3D-360 video production at scale possible with best-in-class automated stitching. Jump cameras are designed to work with the Jump Assembler to enable seamless VR video production.” says Jump website.


 The targeted market for Halo is filmmakers and other kinds of professionals, who needs the equipment and technology to create VR content. 

Features of Halo: 

  • Halo includes 17 individual cameras—16 arranged in a ring, and one more facing upwards to help turn the resulting footage into a smoother-looking sphere of imagery.
  • It will cost $17,000, which is $2,000 more than Odyssey cost,
  • It is lighter and more portable,
  • has a touch-screen display
  • includes its own internal battery.

According to surveys, more than 50% of the time is spent by social media and VR headsets users in watching movies. Google and Facebook having higher stake in the success of VR (Google’s smartphone-centric Daydream View and Facebook-owned Oculus’s Rift) encourages filmmakers to make VR content. 


Since many filmmakers can’t afford to cough up thousands of dollars for a VR camera, Google is also starting a program called Jump Start that will let people apply to use Halo for free, along with the software for making VR films that goes with it.


Image Credits: Google Images


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