It’s been 14 years since Facebook redefined social interactions. Millions of Facebook users keep themselves in touch with their friends and families, no matter where they are placed. Distance became irrelevant and famous saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ lost its credibility.

Maintaining the stature of being the knight of online social media space, it acquired Whatsapp and Oculus in 2014 when VR became to be touted as next big thing. 

Now, we see what Facebook can do any technology with its magic touch. 

VR has become a mass technology but the dearth of content limits its growth. To fill in the gap, Facebook during its annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco, launched a super amazing product called Facebook Spaces!

What is Facebook Spaces?


Facebook Spaces is a VR app launched in beta version for Oculus Rift and Touch. It is available via Oculus Store.

Simply said, it essentially is a virtual space which practically transport you to VR world where you can ‘meet’ and ‘hangout’ with your friends ‘together’.

How Facebook Spaces works

  1. First, user is required to choose one of his Facebook photos for the VR appearance. There are options to customize the picture as desired. 
  2. Invite your Facebook friends to join you in experiencing the virtual environment.
  3. Using the Touch, you can draw in the space to create anything you want to. There is also a variety of Facebook content to choose from within the Spaces, including 360 videos and photos. You can even take a 360-degree image of the Statue of Liberty and experience the iconic monument with your friend through Facebook Spaces.
  4. You can also relive personal memories from the Timelines, or make new ones from interests, pages, or people you follow.

The experience of Facebook Spaces is not just limited to VR. Through Facebook Spaces, even a video call through Messenger is possible that allows other users to join the VR space. Just by answering the call, they will led to a window to virtual world. Through this, people in the Facebook Spaces can share their virtual doodles, 360-degree videos, or simply chat.

If do not own an Oculus Rift, don’t worry. Facebook plans to extend the app to other platforms too. 


Source: BGR

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