The application of Augmented Reality (AR) in e-commerce or online shopping can revolutionise the way we shop online. We generally have tough time picking the color or size of a gorgeous dress online. Most of the times, with a heavy heart, you have to let it go as you don’t want to get in the hassles of returns, exchange and refunds.
Well, your online-shopping experience is going to get a lot more pleasant and easier with AR being around.

What if you could virtually try on a dress or place furniture in your home/ office space?

Many apps enabling shop online have come up with a feature that allows to try on glasses, head-gears, dresses, makeup and retail in home decor.

Home Décor

Wayfair is among several other companies experimenting in augmented and virtual reality. Ikea has also introduced a VR experience, designed to let you wander around a kitchen and interact with the furnishings of their preferred layout. You can also experience the kitchen in VR from a child or very tall person’s perspective, so as to avoid potential hazards such as sharp corners or low-hanging lights.


Try on the new shade out of the palette of rainbow shades virtually before spending money on buying them. Holition has developed Face app that serves as your virtual personal make-up artist and tells you what best suits you.


Fashion3D is a ‘virtual changing room’, providing ‘accurate cloth simulation’ of 3D clothing. Fashion3D started life as the Virtual Style Pod, showcased in autumn 2013 at luxury Abu Dhabi retail destination, The Galleria. It was made universally available last year.

It’s just the beginning. Expect many more exciting developments in AR in days to come.




Image Credits: Google Images

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