Virtual Reality has swept the whole world off its feet. Not just the so-called techno geeks and nerds are smitten by the technology, but each and everyone of us are excited and wondering ‘How the heck is this possible?’  Open any discussion forum, be it Yahoo or Quora, the subject is one of the most followed, universally.

We, Indians, the born curious beings, are no less different. We might not fare very well on Human Development indices, however our love and passion for technology has made us reach Mars and that too in the most economical way possible (thanks to our ingenious thinking – jugaad). As expected, the fascination for VR technology has gripped us, however none had imagined it  to be at such an exponential rate. We can well imagine the penetration of VR and AR in the country by the following statistics:

  • VR headset market reaches $3.4 million in India in May, 2016 (Economics Times)
  • Indian AR & VR market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 55% during 2016 – 2021. (TechSci Research Report)

With these encouraging figures on our mind, let’s access the Top 5 VR gears in Indian market.



AuraVR Pro


AuraVR Pro is figured in the top three VR headset bestsellers in Indian market. Besides its exquisite design, it’s quality is unparalleled. It delivers an ace quality VR experience with its premium quality lenses, that can be adjusted individually and together, sideways and to and fro. This means focal and interpupillary distance can be adjusted as per convenience. It comes with a bluetooth remote control that makes the VR experience all the hassle-free and immersive. The gaming experience is particularly fun. You don’t have to worry whether your smartphone has magnetometer/compass or not. Do try its app AuraVR Cinema for a fantastic cinema-like experience with your own VR headset.

AuraVR Pro on Amazon India






The model design of the VR headset is different from other VR headsets in Indian market in a way that the focal distance is adjusted using a dial on its sides. It definitely looks trendy enough and the built quality is fairly good too. The compatibility is limited to smartphones less than 5.5 inches screen size. Even curved-edged phones do not go with it.

MTT on Amazon India



ant-vrIf you have a Lenovo smartphone, you cannot miss to have a ANT VR headset. It is particularly compatible with Lenovo K4 Note TheatreMax technology which ensures widescreen virtual cinematic experience. The way Lenovo has picked up its pace in India, the VR headset has become equally famous. Though it is not compatible with any other devices, yet it has not brought much difference to its popularity. The innovative design, special aspherical lenses and the lenses give a 100 degree FoV are some its features that sets it apart. The userinterface is limited to your manual touch of the smartphone  screen.

ANT VR Headset on Amazon India



GetCardboard is inspired by Google Cardboard DIY kit. The fun to create your own VR headset with your own hands is unparalleled. This VR headset has gained the repute of being a launchpad, initiating VR enthusiasts into the magical world. Students have particularly loved it and schools have opted to introduce an immersive learning for their students. It is made of laminated corrugated cardboard sheet that makes it fairly durable and the nose cushion makes it somewhat comfortable to wear.

GetCardboard On Amazon


Irusu PlayVR



Another popular VR headset comes from Irusu! It seems that Irusu has bettered PlayVR in the form of Irusu Monster, which has a lot more improved lens adjustment and comfort level. PlayVR is a fine VR headset with great after sales service. The lens adjustment mechanism is variable to individual pupil distance and focal distance too.

PlayVR on Amazon India

Disclaimer: The list is the result of GetVR’s research team.


With the viral penetration of smartphones in the country, we can well imagine the wondrous growth of VR headsets here in India. Like every VR enthusiasts, we, at GetVR, are equally thrilled.