When the cinema celebrates an incredible ‘telepresence’ experience through Mel Gibson’s directorial adventure, ‘Jesus VR: The Story of Christ‘, back home in India we have a similar reason to celebrate too.

Today, September 5, 2016, the magnificent Bombay Art Society is going to be the place where history will be written. India’s first VR film series is going to be launched today. The Unnamed Guide is a collection of eight short virtual reality films, the first in India. The VR project is a brainchild of a young cinema enthusiast Pranav Ashar and his art-media company, Enlighten.

The inspiration behind the films is the little appreciated art of story-tellers, the guides, in well-known tourist destinations in India. The films portray the eight cities in altogether different perspective, both aesthetically and cognitively.

From 11 am to 7 pm, at Bombay Art Society, Bandra, be there today and witness a new chapter in Indian cinematic technology. Entry is free.

Image Credits: Enlighten

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