It’s finger licking good!

Yes, but if you are not careful with KFC’ s new VR “employee training experience”, then you will fry your fingers rather than licking it.

You heard it right, KFC is testing a new virtual reality based training program for its employees.

It is dubbed as “The hard way” and will be available for Oculus Rift user soon. The trailer which you will find here is a truly bone chilling experience. Here you will be cutting bones and frying them in something that resembles a dark escape room. The experience is reminiscent of those scare rides that you will find in an amusement park. But here, the reality quotient is much much higher.



As said, you can inspect, coat the piece of virtual chicken in oil, fry and pack inside this experience. All of this spooky madness is monitored  by the even eerier eyes of the colonel and his ghastly sounding voice. What this is not is a practical way of teaching the trainees how to make KFC’s chickens so famous. One is that of scalability as the experience is tailor made for Oculus Rift which as of today retails at $500 for the bundle. Imagine putting one of these in all the KFC outlets, of which there are more than 18000. In plain English it is ridiculously expensive.

The other thing is of safety, while in VR, you are basically shutting of your real vision. No think what it will be like to wander around the kitchen with all of its screeching hot tubing and learning it the “hard way” how hot boiling oil really is. It is genuinely scary to think of that. What about feasibility? Is it a viable alternative? In its current form the answer is a firm no. As of now it is nothing more than a jump scare game experience and can be genuinely dangerous when handled carelessly.


But with some tweaks and a more close to real coking experience, this could become the future of training, not only at KFC but across the globe.

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