Drones are expensive. So is Virtual Reality cameras. Many people want to have a go with them but are hesitant to shell out the money.

Then let me be the bearer of good news.

Lensrentals, America’s largest video and camera rental company has announced that professional photographers and videographers can now rent these online. The nationwide release comes on the heels of months of local testing to validate the approach.

The co-owner of the company Drew Cicala said that “With any new photo and video rental categories, we need ensure we’re maintaining our high standards for providing ‘like new’ equipment to enable our customers to capture the best quality imagery,”

“As drone technology has improved, especially stability control reducing the chances of accidental landings, and VR gear quality has increased, we’re more confident that we can maintain an inventory of professional equipment that can be rented repeatedly throughout the U.S.”,was Mr. Cicala’s response to the question about how he sees this move.

Initially there will be five camera models including the DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, and DJI Inspire 2. Other models include The Orah 4i 360 VR camera, which is capable of 4K 30fps live streaming. Nikon Keymission360 also finds a spot in the list along with several mounting options and accessories. While it is a test release, users can try the items before renting. They let you “pawn” the gear with the Keeper program by paying a fixed amount of monthly rent.

Not everyone will be able to avail this feature as it still requires an official license to use these thing. Lensrentals website will redirect every user to the pilot airman certification in a move to comply with the FAA guidelines. This is not the only new feature as the company’s website also gets a refresh. The new design improves discoverability and ease of use and features a smarter and cleaner shopping cart making for a much better shopping experience.


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