Marvel Entertainment, the name that has been a part and parcel of our growing journey. From reading comics to superheroes movies and cartoons, it has given us the most splendid memories of our childhood and adulthood. 

Now Marvel is going to venture in VR world. With the vision to set its footprints in video games with great VR experiences, Marvel is soon going to have big announcements in the months to follow. 

In a recent interview Marvel Games Senior Vice President of games and innovation at Marvel, Jay Ong said, “They have a much excitement in store soon to arrive to drive their fans crazy. The things they are going to innovate will be absolutely amazing.” 

Since past one year, the company has been working towards fabricating the latest VR technology in gaming and it has exploring the unbelievably vast opportunities that VR offers. The exact VR project still remains under covers.

Ong also added that, if we do something in VR, it would not be just for the novelty of it. It would be something that would define the platform, which defines the experience. 

And we, VR enthusiasts, are already going crazy!


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