In a country trying to execute the “internet for all” plan, it may come as a surprise when people talk of virtual and augmented reality. Even after we’ve become the leading member of SAARC, our world image seems to be that of a nation full of dancing people wearing gaudy jewellery (refer to the movie Minions if you’re skeptical). So there must be something that we’re doing wrong, right?

India has reached Mars with the most cost effective travel model, it has the 3rd largest army, it is set to produce the world’s largest number of engineers and yet, there is a sphere where its potential has not been tapped yet.

If you haven’t guessed it already, we’re talking of VR and AR. Sure, there are quite a few startups in India engaging in this particular field and producing innovative products and ideas but it hasn’t turned into a more significant discussion in India. When VR becomes a major player in the tech field, you’ll get headset ads in between cricket matches and that’s how you know!

But there is a company which has been nullifying norms for a long time now, and it might just change the face of VR in India.

Merxius And Its History

Founded in 2011, by Vaishali Neotia and Hasan Ali Khan, Merxius is a VR based company in Hyderabad. Neotia is from a technical background (which she gained in succession of a small albeit important rebellion) and is the CEO whereas Khan is the Chief technical Officer of the company.

The company was added to the top 10 list of deep tech companies by IBM Smartcamp and has bagged the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award. It was also recruited for Tata Elxsi incubation programme.

Products That Made Merxius Famous

The first product that Merxius ensued was called Marmo which was an industrial AR framework and it helped in machine maintenance and operation. The basic task was to download the app Marmo and point the phone’s camera at any flawed component of the machine and the app would lay step by step animations of instructions that can fix it.

By 2014, the company decided to go with RealSim Editor which is a realtime industry grade simulator, that is, it helps the real estate guys to visualize apartment floor plans and get a few tweaks done if needed.

Then, there was no stopping them. RealSim Editor or RED became a rage in India. RED is the product to have for anyone with 3D plan for anything can use RED to get VR out of it. Neotia describes it as the “Photoshop” for VR. RED is currently undergoing testing by the Indian Armed Forces to create a training unit for engine maintenance.

Merxius is also in the process of filing 2 patents for their product RED which, if approved, will make them the first company in India to get patented in the VR/AR aspect.

As Khan describes it, “you need content enablers for any tech to pick up” and isn’t it true word for word?



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