Microsoft’s May 2nd #EDU event just concluded. They are betting big on education and luckily for both, us and them, VR/AR is a big part of it.

Highlights of the EVENT:

  • WINDOWS 10-S: The event revealed Windows 10 S- a new streamlined version of windows that runs only apps from the store. If you want to run other applications you can install the pro version from the store. The upgrade will be free for everyone till Dec 31 2017.
  • Education on High Priority: They also demonstrated how Office, Microsoft teams (New-chat based workspace as a part of office 365), Intune (Microsoft’s cloud based management solution) etc.. are being reimagined for education.                              
  • Surface Laptop: Also showcased was the brand new Surface Laptop that is aimed at students entering their college. It runs Windows 10 S and is a beautiful piece of machinery showcasing many category first technologies.                                                       

The Mixed Reality Magic

“Mixed Reality is the future of education.”

Also MS reiterated that they think Mixed Reality is the future of education. They showcased how Minecraft is transforming the way students learn along with other announcements which includes: 

  • CodeBuilder: They announced that CodeBuilder, an extension that enables users to use code to do certain tasks in the game is coming to Minecraft education edition.                                                                                                                                           
  • Acer’s upcoming VR headset: Then came the demo showing how Acer’s upcoming virtual reality headset along with PAINT3D and new 3-D features coming to PowerPoint enables students to have a more immersive learning experience.                                            
  •  View Mixed Reality is an app which lets users place live scale 3-D models alongside real-world objects.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • HoloLens also joined the party by showing how numerous organizations around the world are using it to redefine learning. The organizations included Pearson, world’s largest education resource company.

The last of announcements came from 3-D 4 Medical, the creator’s of complete anatomy app.

  • They showed how combining Surface Laptop,  Surface Dial, Surface Pen and Windows 10 can give the student’s ways to learn that they never had before. 

The process of learning have very much been the same for all these years, But VR/AR is about to change that. We saw glimpses of these at the event. If MS can get all of its vision into fruition then, Get ready to learn in a way that we have never done before.

I just cant wait to see it happening.

Watch the Demos here:

Pearson HoloLens Demo:!Aq1O2_X9ESStlfRVuxQWtgua6bjUNA

Minecraft Demo:!Aq1O2_X9ESStlfRW9vW6I7W-YvUXzA

Acer Demo:!Aq1O2_X9ESStlfRULU1bMVZtqtALmg

PowerPoint and PAINT 3D Demo:!Aq1O2_X9ESStlfRX0Z64t0IND5IeKw




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