What’s so amazing about HTC Vive and Oculus Rift?

Yes, the VR experience overall with its super amazing features, but what I think makes them class apart is their touch motion controllers. 

How we have envied and aspired for the touch motion controllers, but the insane price always pulled us back. Not anymore.

We can have a magic wand in our hand that is going to make the virtual world dance on our tips. 

Ostron electronics VR company in India has come up with its VR headset in India with O-stick that makes the VR gaming experience all the more interactive and immersive. The stick works well with the VR headset and Google Cardboard too.

Remote control with joystick are already doing rounds in the market and quite popular among VR enthusiasts, however having a magic wand to play around in VR world sounds all the more fun. 

Imagine moving anything in VR world just pointing your O-stick towards it or slaying enemies! Feels like a superhero, right? A wizard or a ninja!

The posture recognition design is quite innovative in it. Whole range of options, select, deselect, left, right, up, down, forward, backward, everything is available on the stick. 

Just hold it and play a VR wizard!

You can buy your O-stick here on amazon

Image Credits: Google Images

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