Google has come up with a new Android application, SPRAYSCAPE, that enables the users to capture a 360-degree photo or video, but the app’s creators prefer to call it – ‘VR-ish’. It is still in its experimental phase, but the ‘wow’ factor is definitely there.

As you use the app, it opens to a blank black space that you fill in with your images or video. It will capture only those portions of the frame that have been tapped on. It’s only on the later stage when Sprayscape will proceed with the gyroscope to capture the surroundings that you will experience the true VR. So the experience right now is ‘VR-ish’.  Now, the output is blurry, but the deficiency  here has been compensated with splendid sharing ease.

All you need to do is send the link and the recipients can view the VR-ish creations through the Cardboard viewer or on their mobile phones only by dragging the image.

Google Sprayscape is available through Android Experiments, it’s platform to encourage creativity amongst the developers.  With time the Search Engine giant is going to polish the app as per the feedback of the users.

Do try the app and share your experience with GetVR too.


Source:Google Blogpost

Image Credits: Google Images