Don’t have DayDream View VR headset? Don’t worry, Google’s new update in Chrome mobile application will allow you to enjoy 3D content even without DayDream View. 

This new feature in Chrome will enable mobile users to enjoy the amazing 3D animations, virtual tours to world renowned museums, palaces, tourist destinations and like floating on the internet. WebVR support in Chrome will considerably boost the choice of 3D scenes, previously available via the YouTube application.

Google’s this move will bring all those who do not own a VR headset on VR board. They will be able to enjoy the content by navigating around the scene using their finger on smartphone’s touchscreen.

The rationale behind the latest update, according to experts, is since very few smartphones are currently compatible with the Daydream View, Google is making a conscious effort to broaden the reach of virtual reality content, making it accessible on all devices. Without this, VR technology cannot gain a status of mass technological revolution. 

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Image Credits: Google Images

Source: Economic Times


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