Google Tilt has kept the world hooked since the moment it has been launched last year. The artists, painters, 3D artists are especially head over heels about it with regular updates in its features. 

Now, adding to the new updates, Tilt brush has become web based too. Your own and others’ 3D VR canvases can be shared online. You can dive into others’ masterpiece and add your personal touch to their paintings too. 

Tilt Brush is “Microsoft Paint” for the VR world. 

The amazing creations will be stored in the new Sketches section of the Tilt Brush site, which is accessible from both mobile or desktop.

It is certainly an interesting move by Google with social media already looking to add new attractions for the users to use and share. If you don’t own VR headsets, you can still gain access to checking out 3D art and creations built by VR artists.


Image Credits: Google Images


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