If browsing the web wears you down, this news is definitely going to excite you.

Google has taken a plunge to make web browsing completely immersive.  It has already been working to make it visually immersive and now Chrome WebAudio is working on Omnitone project that lets the browsers to be transformed into a complete VR media player with immersive audio and video.

Powered with ambisonics for complete surround sound, the open source project allows developers to add their projects in any browser. The technique makes use of eight virtual speakers that render final audio stream binaurally.

The Chrome WebAudio team has joined hands with the Google VR team to cash in from their expertise to ensure identical audio spatialisation across all of Google’s VR applications.

In the days to come, expect a VR view integration and higher-order ambisonics when you surf the web.

Know more on the project from a post on Google’s Open Source Blogpost on Google’s Open Source Blog and do try out demo videos posted by the company.


Retaled: Google’s Next Project: Complete Web in VR

Image Credits: Google Images

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