What do you think of when you hear the words “virtual reality”? Mostly games and stuff, right? But avid worshipers of virtual reality admire the fact that it can be associated with so much more.

Virtual reality has found its place not only in the heart of every video gaming enthusiast (so much so that joysticks may soon get replaced by Google cardboard!), but also in the grownup world. Businesses have found a new realm through which they can attract potential customers, hire adept labor, and charm dismissive investors – all because videos can show another dimension!

Is it getting a little too serious for your liking? After all, it’s good to know what industries are up to, but we can’t really do much about it! Well, we all know where to go to relieve all the tension (for those who haven’t guessed it already – we’re hinting at a bar).

Moreover, if you live in Seattle, bar visits may help you test the effects of VR for yourself!

Beer and VR

On the 1st of April, this year, people of Seattle found a place for everyday access to VR. Ballard has now become home to Seattle’s first VR arcade called Portal.

Portal consists of a total of 10 VR booths which are lined by 3 walls each. These 3 sided booths are adjoined with black pads to elevate the VR experience to room-scale.

Moreover, Portal is child-friendly; kids of ages 8 years and counting are allowed to use the booths, and children of all ages are welcome in the lounge area.

Let’s Talk Games

Users report that the sensory experience is full-body. Each game comes with a four minute video tutorial.
Fruit Ninja, a very ordinary game for smartphone owners, is available at this VR arcade. People playing the game see controllers transform into swords once the VR game initiates. Then, all you have to do is slice away (and a word to the wise, it’s kind of a fun way to shed some calories as well!).

Another game, called Postcards, has you standing on a ledge under which there’s nothing but thin air (and a hill top view of the city, of course) and one misstep will cost you your virtual life!
Pinball machines are a thing of the past and this bar acknowledges that in the best possible way.

The Proud Owners

Portal belongs to a high tech couple – Page Harader (a graphic designer by profession) and Tim Harader (a business
development manager at Microsoft).

The motivation behind this revolutionary idea was simply the price at which VR is available to people. The Haraders keenly observed that the common VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift cost about $799 and $598 respectively. Smartphone-induced VR is quite less immersive compared to the others and so, doesn’t promote VR in a good way.

That’s why, they came up with the idea of renting VR games to people who were interested at a reasonable price, in the friendliest way possible. Over 30 games are available at each booth and the owners charge by the hour.
Tim describes it as the way people look at 3D – not many buy a 3D TV but everyone is ready to put on goggles and watch 3D movies. We hope VR gets the same fandom, Tim!

Source: Google Images

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