What if you could paint your fantasies and walk through them?

Kidding? Not at all.

Grab the Google’s Tilt Brush and paint 3D images in the virtual space.

It has come to infuse life in the imaginations and fantasies of artists and painters across the globe. With the Google’s Tilt Brush, canvas is no longer limited to a 2D sheet, rather the whole 3D space around you is your canvas. You are limited by your own palette of imagination, colours, patterns, designs and strokes when you have this magic wand in your hands.

And, the most exciting part is when you can step in and stroll through you’re the world you just painted!

Yes. That’s the magic of VR in art.

How can you have your own Tilt Brush?

All you need is HTC Vive VR device, install STEAM and launch Tilt Brush and you are ready to create your masterpiece with a wave of your hands.
Check out the spell binding paintings at The Lab at the Google’s Cultural Institute.

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Image Credits: Google Images

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