The gaming world has gone head over heels about the new Pokémon Go which has plunged into the future by imbibing the futuristic technology, AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) into it. When the gamers were already having an experience of a lifetime with VR enabled games, AR based Pokémon Go has come as a feast to them.

If you can’t make out a Charmander from a Squirtle, well, then this is a perfect read for you before you enter the Pokémon world.

What is Pokémon?

Only a saint could’ve remained immune from Pokémon rage that had engulfed the whole world in its frenzy since its birth in mid-1990s! Video games, TV shows, films, trading card games, clothing, Pokémon could be seen everywhere.
Players would capture them by using their own team of Pokémon to battle them, then, once weakened, would throw a ‘Poké Ball’ inside of which they become trapped. But, unlike the real world, where you would end up with an angry, terrified creature, capturing a Pokémon bonds it to you like your own pet.

Over the years, the Pokémon clan has grown to whopping 715. From real life inspired creatures like pigeon, Pidgey, to absolutely fantasy-based alien looking Mewtwo, Pokemon has something for each one of us.

What fun it is when you have your own army of Pokemon collectibles and to add that, you could train them, empower them and make them super strong.

What is Pokémon Go?

If Pokémon was fun, what would you call if Pokémon world is one with your real world? YES, that’s Pokémon Go. You physically walk around your own real world rather than a virtual world to train your Pokémons.

How to Play Pokemon Go?

Once you install the game, you need to create your Google profile id (if you don’t have one).Then the Pokémon will trace your location through your GPS and it will show you a map with your location on it as you move around. As soon as you find a Pokémon, turn on your camera and aim to capture it by throwing the same old Poké ball.
Play indoors or in your backyard or the street in your neighbourhood, completely your wish.

Picking your first Pokémon

Pick your favourite from the three,

  • Squirtle- a turtle look alike, water type Pokeman
  • Charmander – a mixture of dinosaur and dragon
  • Bulbasaur- a plant with legs.

pokemon 1

Choose your favorite, as there is negligible difference in their potential. But, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Mind the ‘types’ which can fairly tell you about their qualities, e.g. fire types are effective against grass and water against, fire.

Pokémon Go will itself tell you if you’re using a type that’s ineffective against whatever you’re battling too, so spare yourself the burden of crazy memorising their skills.

Power and Evolutions

In Pokémon Go, no levels are there for your Pokémon to climb, you need to empower them with ‘stardust'(which is collected by capturing any Pokémon),and ‘candy’ specific to that creature(which is collected by capturing more Pokémon of the same species).
Your Pokémon undergoes evolution atleast once which makes them different and stronger. Charmander, for example, first evolves into Charmeleon, which looks like a bigger, nastier version of its initial form, and then into Charizard, which is a winged, dragon-like creature.

Building a Team

Finding new and exotic creatures to spruce up your Pokémon team is the delight in itself. Look into your back garden for grass types or the lake nearby for water types.
Diversify your team with as my abilities as possible, rather than focussing on strengthening just one as the gym challenge may require a varied line-up.

Poké Ball

Though there are no gym battles, yet expect a challenge from other players. Unlike earlier turn based attack, fights here are real-timed. Tap on an enemy to use your basic attack or tap and hold to use a more powerful one and swipe left or right to avoid being hit.

What are Gyms?

In most Pokémon games gyms house tough trainers, which are a bit like bosses. In Pokémon Go they’re defended by other player’s Pokémon.
These are in real world locations, often around landmarks in your neighbourhood or town. They are easy to find as they’re the largest icons on the in-game map.
They’re controlled by one of three different teams- red, blue or yellow. As soon as your trainer reaches level 5 (a process which happens through collecting Pokémon and doing other activities in the game) they can pick a team to join and fight for that team to claim gyms.

poke gym

Pokémon Go Gym

Winning fights at gyms rewards you with experience points that help you to maintain your superiority. If you take control of an enemy gym, you can leave one of your Pokémon there to help defend it. This is something worth doing as for every 21 hours that you have a Pokémon there, you’ll get Pokécoins to spend at the in-game shop, and stardust to power up your creatures.
Fighting Pokémons at gyms owned by your team is considered training and both helps you and the gym, as friendly battles add to its ‘prestige’, eventually allowing additional Pokémon to be housed there to help defend it.


Pokémon GO Plus

A portable device called the Pokémon GO Plus frees you to from staying glued to your smartphones. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies you if a Pokémon is around and other such events in the game, through an LED and vibration. Also, you can catch Pokémon or perform other simple actions by pressing the button on the device. Look forward to the launch of the Pokémon GO Plus accessory in late July 2016.

What next?

There’s no end game to Pokémon Go, for now all you can really do is collect more Pokémon and take control of local gyms, but the game is likely to develop over time. With so many players already, Niantic would be crazy not to capitalize on it and add more content.

So, give yourself a new addiction. Install it and set-up your establishments all around the world!

Stay tuned for more updates or visit PokemonGo.

Image Credits: Google Images

Coverage: Tech Radar

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