Artificial Intelligence

In this tech-savvy world, every human being is dependent on technology as it helps in developing the lifestyle and giving everyone a better future. Technology has a greater impact in revolutionizing almost every field and people are becoming dependent on it as the days pass by. With the advancement of technology, we are able to experience better communication through mobile phones, better transportation through automobiles, aeroplanes and ships and finally better education through the mobile learning applications, M-learning, Artificial Intelligence and much more.  

In the past, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven its role as a game-changing factor in an increasing number of fields causing transformations in a complete unimaginable way. Now, it is showing glimmers of how it might change the learning process forever, which was one of the oldest skills that mankind had mastered. Artificial Intelligence being a part of technology is gradually revolutionizing the traditional learning method. While we are far from seeing robots in the classroom, artificial intelligence is making its way into education. Certain tasks can be made easier through the use of artificial intelligence. For an instance, Grading can be done quickly and easily using artificial intelligence.


Here we will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in education in brief:


A New Way to Find and Use Information:

While the advanced technologies including Google or Siri provide results based on user needs and preferences, AI systems will also change the way information is searched for and found in schools and colleges. With more integrated technology in AI, future students may have vastly different experiences in doing research and looking up facts than the students of today. Learning difficult concepts like enthalpy, organic chemistry, respiration and much more will be way easier.

ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems):

ITS(s) are not elements from the future; they do exist in a rational competence. Away from the norms, they can function without a teacher having to be present and can successfully challenge and support the learner using a variety of algorithms. An ITS can dedicate themselves fully to the students which the human teachers might not able to do considering their emotional and physical aspects.

Grading Systems:

Artificial Intelligence has found its way to grading assessment sheets of students. It is now possible for teachers to automate grading for multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions. Grading by artificial intelligence is in hot pursuit. Essay grading is still in its infancy and might take some time to rise to its full glory. This would take the pressure off the teachers’ shoulders, enabling them to concentrate more on student interaction and class activities.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has a great contribution to making the field of education advanced and updated.

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