We all have been talking about the potential of VR to teleport the audience to some other place and time and give them the experience that could not have been possible in their normal course of life. Most of the times, it has been limited to what has been come to known as TravelVR, travel to your dream destinations from the comfort of your home!

Well, there’s an Indian Film and Media house that has transcended journalism and storytelling to an incredible level – Memesys Cultural Lab. It has developed a mixed reality channel, a quarterly magazine, ElseVR, that shatters the barriers between the viewer and the subject. Aiming to sensitize the world about the lesser known dark reality of the world we live in, it uses the immersive power of VR to give the viewers the first hand experience of the world that has been happily ignored and abandoned. It makes the viewers ‘part’ of that world and makes them feel the pain that is ubiquitous in this world.

Human actions when they are colored with strong emotions can change the world. ElseVR is a kind of revolutionary campaign that is going to herald a social change in the country and each one of us is going to a participant and a social activist.

The zealous team includes the notable names whose documentaries and short films have already earned much critical acclaim worldwide. Khushboo Renka’s Right to Pray was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Faiza Khan and Aruna Chandrashekhar’s Cost of Coal has been included in United Nations (UN)’s UNVR VR library. 

Do check it out. It’s worth your every second. 


Image Credits: ElseVR



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