Microsoft To Combine Mixed Reality With Smartphones In The Near Future

What's Amazing A patent filed by Microsoft suggests that the company could be working on combining Mixed Reality with smartphones. In the patent, Microsoft is talking about the different input methods that could be leveraged when combined with smartphones to allow users to interact better with the virtual environment, web portal

Would You Like A Go With VR & Drones? Rent It

Drones are expensive. So is Virtual Reality cameras. Many people want to have a go with them but are hesitant to shell out the money. Then let me be the bearer of good news. Lensrentals, America's largest video and camera rental company has announced that professional photographers and videographers can now rent

LG 360 Cam Takes On Ricoh Theta S

  We are blessed to be in an age when continual improvement in technology is challenging the way we see and make sense of the world around us. The world of photography is undergoing a revolutionary change. From 2D images, now we can reproduce them in 3D and travel back in