New Commerce Hackathon On TechGig Code Gladiators 2019

New Commerce Hackathon TechGig Code Gladiators 2019 launches its New Commerce Hackathon sponsored by JIO inviting participants from all the technology domains including AR and VR technologies.   Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies, since its inception, have observed interest across several industries for its unparalleled applications. Such applications are now explored into developing the

Microsoft To Combine Mixed Reality With Smartphones In The Near Future

What's Amazing A patent filed by Microsoft suggests that the company could be working on combining Mixed Reality with smartphones. In the patent, Microsoft is talking about the different input methods that could be leveraged when combined with smartphones to allow users to interact better with the virtual environment, web portal

AR And VR In Indian Market At Present

It seemed like just yesterday when your newspaper asked you to download an app that could turn its photos into short video clips. The Alive App was the first milestone in India’s technology consumption that brought Augmented Reality (AR) into many households. Virtual Reality (VR) wasn’t far behind. Since then,

Walmart To Go VR Way To Spruce Up Shopping

walmart VR

Who doesn't love to shop? When you have such amazing hi-tech guiding your shopping, making it more fun and exciting, who would not shop? Walmart has picked Virtual Reality (VR) to make shopping fascinating.  Media reports say that Walmart has acquired the VR startup, Spatialand. The retail giant is cashing in the