AR & VR Outshines All At Cannes Lions Festival

We all have heard about Cannes, for the glitz and glamour it invites from all over the world making it one of the most star-studded film festival in the world. But, there's another Cannes festival, Cannes Lions festival, which celebrates the best in the advertising world. Here, this year AR and

Your Paintings can Dance with Tilt Brush Update

  If you were already WOWed by the finesse of the fascinating Google Tilt Brush, then latest Tilt Brush update will just hypnotise you in its marvel. Related: Paint the World with Google's Tilt Brush The new version of Tilt Brush now has audio-reactive brush tools that make your paintings to respond to music.

Paint the World with Google’s Tilt Brush

What if you could paint your fantasies and walk through them? Kidding? Not at all. Grab the Google’s Tilt Brush and paint 3D images in the virtual space. It has come to infuse life in the imaginations and fantasies of artists and painters across the globe. With the Google’s Tilt Brush, canvas is

VIRTUAL REALITY: Know it to Be a Part of It

Imagine if you could go to places on the other corner of the globe or may be beyond this planet say Mars… Imagine if you could time travel and be a part of any era of time…. Imagine if you could train yourself, say, how to fly a spaceship, that too from