Let VR Make You Feel The Heat!

Virtual reality exists in our minds as an imitation of a part of the real world. We’ve never really bestowed an interest so deep that obsession seems inept compared to it. Most may complain about the unavailability of the finesse with which most technology is dealt. For instance, the resolution is

Must Haves in Every VR lover’s Smartphone

If you are a VR lover, you cannot afford to miss this blogpost because here we are going to talk about the three indispensable features that you need to check before you spend money buying your smartphone. DISCLAIMER: Here, we are not going to use any scientific jargon to brag our

Now, Web Browsing Turning Aurally Immersive With Omnitone

If browsing the web wears you down, this news is definitely going to excite you. Google has taken a plunge to make web browsing completely immersive.  It has already been working to make it visually immersive and now Chrome WebAudio is working on Omnitone project that lets the browsers to be