Get Ready for India’s Biggest VR Film Festival

  A feast for all the VR enthusiasts is being prepared at the sterling land where dreams are said to turn to reality - Amchi Mumbai!  India's biggest VR Film Festival #VRatMAMI is going to be held as part of the celebrated Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. The two day event, October

India’s First VR Narrative Documentary to Premiere at TIFF

Virtual Reality (VR) films now seem to be a natural transition for the storytellers on reel. The enveloping experience of ‘being there’ is a powerful medium for the filmmakers to make their viewers involved in the stories on screen. ‘Right to Pray’, a documentary film by filmmaker Khushboo Ranka, is going to

India’s First VR Film Series to Launch Today

When the cinema celebrates an incredible ‘telepresence’ experience through Mel Gibson’s directorial adventure, ‘Jesus VR: The Story of Christ', back home in India we have a similar reason to celebrate too. Today, September 5, 2016, the magnificent Bombay Art Society is going to be the place where history will be written.