Check Out How VR Has Crept Into Recruitment Process

Recruitment season is always a hectic one. However, the process of hiring is always a stagnant. Every job aspirant is subjected to the same assessments which can supposedly analyze the candidate. Most will not deny the fact that job interviews get quite dull after you’ve given many (daunting, yet boring). The

Dentist May Start Recommending VR Along With Colgate!

Dreading a visit to the dentist’s isn’t uncommon. The needles, probes and all other such fancy instruments can be pretty daunting. So, instead we sought to test our endurance of pain; because what’s easier is to make an inviting niche for bacteria than getting a tooth pulled. However, if you gather

VIRTUAL REALITY: Know it to Be a Part of It

Imagine if you could go to places on the other corner of the globe or may be beyond this planet say Mars… Imagine if you could time travel and be a part of any era of time…. Imagine if you could train yourself, say, how to fly a spaceship, that too from