When it comes to VR experiences, what can be more exciting than peeking inside your own body?

Imagine looking at your heart beating, and your lungs throbbing! If you think that all of this is still a far-fetched dream, let us tell you that it has already been made possible!

Brighton-based startup, Curiscope, has begun the production of The Virtuali-Tee, a t-shirt that enables the wearer to see his or her chest cavity through a smartphone. The garment is printed with a stylish QR code, in the shape of the human rib-cage. All that you have to do is hover the phone over this QR code, using the dedicated VR App, and what you see next is your own chest cavity, with the heart, lungs, and veins.

Curiscope is a fairly established company, founded back in 2015 by Ed Barton and Ben Kidd. Initially, the pair produced 360 degrees You Yube videos. In fact, the company’s first upload, in January 2016, featured a shark dive in the virtual space, became one of the most-watched VR videos ever. But they felt there was more to the Virtual Reality space than just the videos. This is when they came up with the idea of The Virtuali-Tee.

Barton tells, “Positionally tracked AR, which lets us overlay 3D imagery onto the material world is fantastic.” He adds,”YouTube is good, but doesn’t give us the scope to do transformative work with physical products.” With positional tracking, he says, “We have a blurring of physical and digital items, and an experience more tightly connected to reality.”

The Virtuali-Tee is essentially a mix of VR and AR which enables insights into the human anatomy. With positionally tracked AR, one can position VR experiences physically within the environment. With the Virtuali-Tee, AR is your interface and VR is used to transport you somewhere else. The technologies should be merging.

The product was first conceived in March 2016, and immediately went into production with the Kickstarter fund of almost a hundred thousand dollars. As of today, Curiscope has already sold more than 3,000 pieces of Virtuali-Tees. Barton and co-founder Ben Kidd have succeeded in raising more than $1 million, as seed fund from LocalGlobe.

The very idea of looking at the autonomy of the human body using VR and AR has been quite well received in the market. However, the use of the technology is not limited to entertainment. It is, in fact, being perceived as an excellent way to explore and learn about the human body.

Next up for the company is the launch of the Great White Shark AR app. Barton and Kidd have also co-authored a book, All About Virtual Reality, which has been published by Dorling Kindersley. Next month will see the launch of Operation Apex, a VR experience with HTC Vive Studios in which people are placed in a virtual environment with sharks.

Source: WIRED

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