If not any other field right now, gaming is one zone where VR and AR have firmly made their mark. Infact, their presence over the horizon has been groundbreaking and those who have once played in VR or AR, it’s like they have tasted blood and they cannot satisfy their gaming craving with nothing but VR/AR games.

Fortunately enough, there’s a feast of VR/AR gaming mobile apps for such VR/AR hungry monsters. And when the hunger is for adrenaline rush, what’s more satisfying than a horror VR game?

Following is the list of top scariest, blood-curdling horror games that is surely going to satisfy the monstrous appetite.

1. Zombie Shooter VR


Recently, the game has been made free. Zombie Shooter VR is essentially what it says on the tin – you find yourself traversing a post-apocalyptic subway, fighting off hordes of zombies.

The good news is that you don’t have to do much to fight them off – simply looking at the zombie will trigger your gun, making this a fun introduction to the world of VR.

App StoreZombie Shooter VR

Google PlayZombie Shooter VR

2. VR Horror


Immersing VR users into a horrifying world – one step further than any horror film will go. The scariest experience is definitely on your mobile. Don’t miss the noise cancelling headphones for a an absolute immersive experience.

App StoreVR Horror


3. Haunted Rooms: Escape


The idea is to escape, rather obviously, from various rooms in a haunted house by interacting with objects and solving riddles that require a bit of brain power to solve. 

App StoreHaunted Rooms: Escape

Google PlayHaunted Rooms: Escape

4. Sisters


Looks are deceptive, you must have heard people saying this and this game is an explicit example of the same. With dolls roaming around, you may consider it a child’s play, but it isn’t!

Google PlaySisters

5. Chair in a Room


Chair in a Room is a solid and undeniably scary effort. The game takes you from a bit of uneasy stomach clenching to pull-the-glasses-off-and-throw-them-across-the-room terror!

Google Play: Chair in a Room

6. VR Horror House

unnamed (1)

With bloodthirsty cannibals chasing you, the terror is even more traumatizing than having ghosts at your tail!

The objective is to find the exit before becoming a feast for those man-eaters. There’s a secret weapon that will help you in slaying them down. 

Google PlayVR Horror House


7. Sinister Edge


On your desperate search for your family, Sinister Edge leads you to the edge of horror and despair. You’ve got to solve entertaining puzzles, discover atmospheric locations and escape from the evil lurking in the shadows, but never forget, you are not alone…

Google PlaySinister Edge


Do try them and share your ghouly experience!


Image credits: Google Images

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