Magnificence is the name of the wonderful world we live in. Each one of us has our own bucket list of places we want to visit in the next one year, two years or the next five years may be, but the exigencies of our busy life only make us shift our travelling plans.

Well, with VR being around, your travelling experience is about to undergo an incredible transformation as the travel and the hospitality industries are on a path to makeover.

Imagine walking into your hotel and into your room before you physically check-in or exploring the tourist spots of your destination as you plan your much awaited holiday and that too all inside the comforts of your home and within the phone in your hand. Even better, what if you could be a ‘Armchair Wanderlust’? Going places whenever and wherever you want. No matter how far or dangerous they are!


All you need is a VR headset and it will create for you an immersive environment and within seconds you will be transported to your dream destinations. Nothing is literally off-limits or dangerous for you. And when you add a tour guide narration to these videos, the experience turns exquisite!

Many big names in the travel and hospitality business have already started cashing in the idea of using VR in promotions and marketing. There are endless 360° images and VR videos floating on the internet and some awesome mobile apps that gives an ‘unreal’ real immersive experience.

Some of the best names in the field are:


Powered by the pioneers of VR in India, Aura VR, is a 360° images viewing and sharing platform. The photos uploaded here can be viewed on any platform, Android, IOS, Desktop via a web browser.


Wild Within

Solely dedicated to explore the rustic beauty in Canada’s British Columbia, Wild Within guides you plan your holiday, be it on the mountains or along the coast. Their amazing VR content makes it one of the hot favourites of nature-lovers VR travellers.


The media house that is known for its spectacular nature-related stories, imagine when it begins to deliver its content in VR! Last August, DiscoveryVR started airing some of its content in VR which can be viewed online using VR headset.

Lufthansa #TravelCompass

The German airliner created 360-degree on-location videos of some of the major cities of the world for its YouTube page. The interactive video allows you pan around a major landmark in these cities like Lombard Street in San Francisco and the like. You can view the videos without VR viewer too, though the experience is more immersive if a VR headset is used.

Marriott VR Postcards

Last year with its “VRoom Service”, Marriott became one of the firsts amongst big names in hospitality business to give its guests an immersive tour to unique locales around. What’s cool about this VR Postcard is that a narrative is added which makes the experience all the more interesting.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your VR headset and start boarding.

Image Credits: Google Images

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