Before I begin my article, let me share a great news with you. Ricoh Theta S is now available in India. You can enjoy the surreal 360° photography and videos.

About 360° images and videos, much has been covered in How to Click Panoramic 360-degree image or video?
Now, let’s talk about 360° cameras that have become quite a rage world over and the fever is gripping us in India too.
There are two cameras that are earning great reviews for their quality and affordability – RICOH THETA S & LG 360 cam.

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Recall that memory-erasing device in the hands of Agent J in Men in Black. Yes, that’s the size of camera we are talking about. But, don’t under-estimate what this tiny device can possibly do. As they say, ‘Great things come in small packages’, absolutely true for Theta S.

Let’s hurry past the specifications and jump to the wondrous experience.
ricoh theta s img 1

Packed with two lenses, one on each side, featured with 7 elements in 6 groups with f/2 being the maximum aperture and two ½.3” sensors (each being of 12MP), the image created is equivalent of a 14 MP high resolution image. For low-light photography, exposure of 30-second is possible. The images captured are JPEG and videos are MP4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. Also, the video is 1080p at 30fps for up to 25 minutes. The amazing built-in memory that tops off at 8GB allows you to capture 1600 photos or 65 minutes of 1080p video. It can also provide a live streaming of an HD quality to your smartphone too.

Now, let’s turn to the interesting part.

How to click images and videos with Ricoh Theta S?

Imagine the North block, South Block, Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate and the Parliament in a single shot! You can achieve this feat with Ricoh Theta S and with you in the same frame too. What more can you ask for?

Ricoh Theta S is a literally a child’s play to use.

Still Image

The most impressive thing about Theta S is that it is ready to click as soon as you switch it on. You can click manually or remotely from your smartphone.

To click manually,
1. Switch it on
2. Turn it to still image mode
3. Say cheese and CLICK.

If doing remotely (eg. from a tripod or a selfie stick),
1. Switch it on
2. Turn it to Still image mode
3. Make sure wireless lamp is flashing (if not, switch it on)
4. Connect your smartphone with your Ricoh Theta app using the SSID in the wi-fi setting and enter the unique serial number and password. Make sure the flashing wireless light on the face of camera is lit.
5. Start the Ricoh Theta App, select the still image option
6. Say cheese and CLICK.

You can even do Interval Shooting remotely with your smartphone. Just need to turn on the Interval Shooting option in the app and define the interval and number of shots.


Follow the same steps as with the STILL IMAGE. Just SET IT TO VIDEO MODE.

Don’t worry about anyone being left out of the frame, because it’s impossible. Even the one who clicks it is in the frame. Every image and video, thus, is itself a selfie too.

Got a big gang of buddies partying together, no problem. Gather around your Theta S and say cheese as you click. Each one of you is in that image.

How to view and share the images and videos?

If you want to dive in the immersive experience of your magical 360° images and videos, you need to have Ricoh Theta app installed in your smartphone or login to its website,

If you wish to send a Theta image directly to a friend, he/she must have Theta app to explore it.


Still Images

Whether its your Ricoh camera images or your app images, you need to have your Ricoh Theta app in your smartphone.
For camera images,
1. Again connect your camera with your smartphone through wi-fi
2. Start the app and tap App
3. Select the image(s) you want to share
4. Choose the orientation
5. Choose the Social media
6. Log in
7. Add a comment, some hashtags and POST.

(For app images, no need to connect to the camera, rest follow the same steps)

If you wish to share images in your computer,
1. Login to from the app in your computer
2. Check the “I agree” box
3. Connect to the social media account where you want to share
4. Add a comment, some hashtags, tweak the privacy settings (if desired) & POST.


If you share the Ricoh Theta S videos directly on social media, it will appear stereoscopic. You need to first convert it into equirectangular which you can easily do with the Ricoh Theta app.
1. Simply drag and drop your stereoscopic video onto the drop panel
2. Select where you want to save the concerned file with a new name
3. Now, upload the video just the way you do any other video on the social media platform

Cakewalk, isn’t it?

The magic with Ricoh Theta S images and videos is, unlike the regular panoramic images, they are spherical. This makes them more fun as you can pan and zoom them sideways and along poles too. Also, you can enjoy the spherical shots and stereoscopic videos through your VR headset.

The only problem is that you keep getting your thumb and forefinger in the photographs as you tend to hold the camera in your natural grip. However, the solution is simple enough too. Use a tripod of a selfie stick. Ricoh Theta S has truly become a harbinger of what is touted as visual revolution.


Now, you don’t have to plead your cousin in the United States for this amazing camera. Grab yours from Amazon and have fun!

GetVR’s Word of Caution: NEVER forget to carry it with you. You cannot afford to miss viewing this beautiful world in 360°.   

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Image Credits: Google Images & 2vr

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